Graaff-Reinet Airport

The Graaff-Reinet airport has been called the "Gateway to the Karoo" - especially for hunters and tourists - and all concerned really wants to ensure this becoming a reality. This newly upgraded airport has been formally opened in October 2002 by Dr Anton Rupert. He is the unofficial patron of many organisations in Graaff-Reinet and once again made a big contribution to the airport which boasts a 1,5 km. tarred runway. The airport building is in the distinctive Cape Dutch style and has modern facilities for the flying fraternity.
This unique airport is completely surrounded by a Game Reserve and is less than 10 km. from the popular tourist town, Graaff-Reinet, aptly named the Jewel of the Karoo.

Graaff-Reinet Airport - the weather seldom keeps you on the ground!

The airport is most suited for aviation training. Today the Microlight (Ultra Light) Flying School, Eagle's Wings, is the only Microlight school operating from the airport. The ideal weather conditions and relatively quiet airspace are plus factors for safe and time effective instruction. While you are earning your license you and your family can also enjoy the unique Karoo experience. See our adventure page and visit the Graaff-Reinet webpage for more information.
Due to the ideal weather and quiet airspace the airport is also the ideal venue for all kinds of aviation sports, e.g. parachuting, ballooning, hang gliding, etc.

Frans van der Ahee is the Chief Flying Instructor of Eagle's Wings Microlight School. Contact him on 0827875536 for any information.
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Aerodrome Information
Runway Airport Information: (Phone Graaff-Reinet Municipality and ask for Dan Davis )
CAT 1 Airport
Runway: 1,5 km tarred runway
GPS coordinates: FAGR 2588FT S32 11'41.0 E024 32'28.0
Magnetic Heading: 02 and 20(Tarred Runway)
33 and 15 (Gravel Runway)
A.T.C: Unmanned airport
Lights: Available after sunset
Fuel: AVGAS, JET A1 and AVIATION OIL available on request
(Phone Buks 082 800 4551)
Frequency in use: 124.8 (above 1,500 ft agl. 124.7)

Rules to adhere to at Graaff-Reinet Airport:
  1. At all times, aircraft must operate in accordance with the air navigational regulations, with particular reference to the Game Reserve surrounding the Airport (not underneath 500 ft above ground level - 3,000 ft amsl) and residential or built up areas and lateral distance from crowds or gatherings. All townships, no matter to what extent development has taken place are to be regarded as built up areas.
  2. All circuits are to be conducted west of the field, that is LH for 02 and RH for 20.
  3. Joining procedure shall be that for an unmanned airfield
  4. Circuits and landings for all aircraft must be to the west of the field. It is in the interest of all aircraft users that the viability of the airport should not be jeopardised, we must all actively police good airmanship.

    Aviation Training : Eagle's Wings is the only Microlight (Ultra Light) school operation from the airport.
    Adventure Flights : We will introduce you to Microlighting in Graaff-Reinet.
    Accommodation : we have low-budget accommodation available in Graaff-Reinet. We can also arrange more luxurious accommodation in town
    Hangar Space : Hangar space available on request. Space for the building of new hangars is available.
    Aviation Events : The Graaff-Reinet Airport is ideal for any aviation event e.g. Microlight competitions, Skydiving boogies, Experimental Aircraft Gatherings, Ballooning Competitions, Glider, hang gliding and paragliding competitions and Air shows.
    Charter or Scheduled flights : There is a real need and we will assist you with any information you need.
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