Price Structure
The SOUTH AFRICAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY(SACAA) requires a minimum of 25 hours in order to obtain a MPL. This is divided into 10 hours Dual Flight and 15 hours of solo flight training. An approximate costing of your full MPL program, based on the assumption that you complete your MPL at 25 hours, will be as follows: (Most people may need more hours to finish their training)

At Eagle's Wings Microlight School you will need from R14,000.00 - R18,000.00 to obtain your Microlight Pilot's Licence. There are no hidden costs. Look at Price Structure below for detailed costing. IF A STUDENT wishes to use his/her own Trike, these prices can be negotiated with the school.

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Eagle's Wings 2005 Microlight Pilot Licence

DUAL Flight Training Windlass Trike ZU-ARV 10 400.00 4,000.00
SOLO Flight Training Windlass TrikeZU-AAO 15 400.00 6,000.00
Enrolment Fee - Admin, Lectures, Briefings, Exams MPL & Radio   2,000.00 2,000.00
SUB TOTAL R12,000.00
SPL CAA Fee(may differ) Licence Application     353.40
MPL CAA Fee(may differ) Licence Application     410.00
Courier   2 100.00 200.00
Phone, Fax & Agent       200.00
MISASA Fee Not available on website     ±R400.00
TOTAL R13,563.40

+/- R 800.00 - Flying Medical and Eye Test - we will gladly assist you in arranging your medical.

DEPOSIT of R4,000.00 PAYABLE UP FRONT, to secure booking:
  • Enrolment fee: R2,000.00
    admin costs, logbook, theory book, map for cross country AND ground school lectures plus exams and Radio License and Flight Test.
  • Plus 5 Hours Flying time @ R2,000.00
After completion of the first 5 hours the next 5 hours must be paid and after the first Solo Flight all outstanding money must be paid. Student must be in credit at all times.

Flying in SUMMER: MONDAY-SATURDAY 5:00-10:30 and 17:00-19:00
Flying in WINTER: MONDAY-SATURDAY 7:00-11:30 and 15.00-17:00 WEATHER PERMITTING.
Theory lectures start at 20.00-21.30
Self-catering accommodation per person R110.00/night.
Groups of 4 people per month welcome.
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