Why a Microlight
Park it in your own garage, wheel it into your customised trailer and drive off to the airstrip, or take it with you on your holiday. Trailered or hangared, either way, you're set up and in the air within 30 minutes. How else can you put the fun back into your flying without the high running costs.
Frans is the sole agent in the Graaff-Reinet area for the Aquilla and Windlass Trikes.

And if you feel that you have to justify your fun here are a few applications that are being put into practice:
  • Farming and ranching - two days of bundu bashing in your truck can be done in a few hours, and more efficiently in your AQUILLA.
  • Game spotting and counting - the outstanding visibility and slow flying speed makes it a winner in this field.
  • Law enforcement - your 'spy in the sky'
  • Forestry - mining - poaching control - shark & whale research.

There are many practical aspects of microlight flying and THEY'RE AFFORDABLE
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